Prologue Chapter 2
Archlighe gazes
Japanese Title
Romanized Title
Purorōgu dai 2-shō
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Prologue Chapter 2 is the second chapter of the Needless manga.


Adam Archlight gazes upon the Black Spot from the SIMEON tower. He states that he loves the Black Spot due to it's hostile, free and survival of the fittest nature, much to ????'s confusion. At that moment, a member of SIMEON by the name of Kafka enters Archlights office to inform him that the 2 survivors of the resistance have escaped. Kafka shows a photo taken by the testament before it's destruction of a man dressed as a priest. Kafka deduces that it was because of this man that Cruz was able to escape. WIth that, Archlight issues the order of eliminating the priest.

Meanwhile in the church, the priest wakes up next to an old man by the name of Gido. Gido informs the priest that he was dragged to the church by Cruz and to be careful not to open up any wounds. Gido recieves a call on his phone while the priests goes to see Cruz. The call is from a girl asking what had happaned to the priest. Gido informs her that he is alright and the girl states that she is on her way.