Prologue 1
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Purorōgu 1
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Prologue Chapter 2

Prologue 1 is the first chapter of the Needless manga.


The chapter opens up with a breif overview of the Needless world. After World War 3, the nuclear fallout had left large craters within the Earth known as "Black Spots. Though the Black Spots went ignored for a short amount of time, eventually strange individuals with supernatural powers began to emerge from the Black Spots. These individuals were dubbed the title "Needless". At an unknown point in time, a band of resistance fighters attempted to attack Adam Archlight and the rest of SIMEON's greatest Needless during The Hunt of the Needless. These results are shown to completly fail as each member of SIMEON displays a frightening amount of power that overwhelms the resistance. The only survivors shown are two siblings: A human named Cruz Schild and his sister, a Needless named Aruka Schild. The two are being chased by a Testament Unit and are eventually cornered into a dead end. Buying some time for her brother, Aruka Schild uses her fragment ability to destroy the testament while Cruz escapes into a nearby sewer. Unfortunately the attack seemed to have barely dent the testament as it follows Cruz into the sewer unscathed. 

Just then, a man dressed in preists clothing comes down and engages in battle with the testament. Initially he is incapeable of harming the testament and instead with Cruz runs away to lure it somewhere else. The testament runs out of machine gun ammunition and switches over to firing missiles. At this point the man reaches outward to catch the missile. The missile explodes and leaves the man's hand a bloody mess, however the resulting explosion also breaks open the testaments armour leaving it's brain exposed. The man reaches into the testament and rips out the brain, completly disabling the testament. 

Just after however, the man collapses onto the ground from his serious wounds. He reluctently asks Cruz for help and tells him to head for the Church in the S33 Block. He passes out and Cruz begins to shoulder the man to safety.